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Group Chip shop Hike!

Recently the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all got together for an evening of fun, games and visits to seven different chip shops in the local area. The young people had a great time working with children from the other sections and after a walk were able to try the chips and vote for their favourite. Presenting Spice Out take away with a certificate! Thank you to all the young people who took part and the adults who supported the group!

Beaver News


Last term we had 24 members (21 boys, 3 girls), four Beavers swam up to Cubs at the end of term (3 of whom were our girls).  Lynne has taken over the lovely role of waiting list gatekeeper!


Visits/trips of last term

  • We enjoyed a trip to ‘Pets-at-Home’ and received a ‘Mini Monsters to You’ session delivered by Bristol Zoo whilst working towards our Animal Friend badge.

  • 11 beavers hiked around Blaise Castle as part of the international ‘JOTT’ event.

  • Our St George’s Day sleepover was very, very well attended, great fun was had by all; and blessed with good weather, we managed to wear           beavers out to even coax them to sleep!

  • All beavers also very recently enjoyed a trail around Baddock’s Wood.

  • As a group, 227th were involved in the Garden ‘Tool Shed’ Trade-in Project at B&Q which was run by the Conservation Foundation and we           were lucky enough to get our very own press coverage!

  • £47.11 was raised for our Hut Restoration Fund by Beavers and Cubs during a very enjoyable afternoon of campfire songs at our family             campfire!

  • £272.80 in total was raised for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal, during our ‘Sponsored Fitness-athon’ event!



  • Beavers proved to have a surprising aptitude to various Circus Skills during our fortnight of circus nights; human pyramids proved             particularly popular!

  • We have been able to take full advantage of the glorious weather over the last 6 weeks and have enjoyed being outside; sailing our origami      boats during ‘Normandy Landings Celebration’ night, flying our boomerangs and model planes during Air Activities’ night and making dens        during our ‘back to basics scouting’ night.

  • We have also been treated to various culinary treats over the last term, cakes, biscuits and very recently our very own French Banquet


Group Vacancies


The Group needs a Project Manager to take charge of the refurbishment/rebuild of the Scout building.


We also require a Group Scout Leader to support the Group.


There may be some other vacancies, please contact Katie Cruickshank for information on any of these roles. 


Please remember

Volunteering is flexible – it works around your life/work balance not the other way around!

Roles can be shared - a number of adults can share the workload.

Training is paid & provided by the Scout Association!


Further information about volunteering can be located at

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