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Coastal Safety


Eight 227th (Polar Bears) Scouts undertook a challenge from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, to advertise safety awareness on the coast.

The Scouts built two models - one showing the tide in and the other with the tide out.  They then took photographs of their models and we went to a workshop at the Apple store, Cribbs Causeway.  At the end of their visit they were given a copy of the DVD, a certificate and 
t-shirt.  With the help of the staff, the Scouts put together a DVD using their photos and also the research they had done on being safe on the coast.

The Group received a letter from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency congratulating them on a great project and awarding £500 first prize.  So, an enormous THANK YOU to Sophie and Sally - Scout helpers and to Scouts - Hannah, Maggie, Esme, Gabby, James, Adam, Sam and Oli who have all received a book token from the Troop.  The Group plans to use the money towards an adventure camp near the coast.

To view the video, please try this link.

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